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The Balver Höhle

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Balver Höhle!
This impressive cultural cave, which is considered the largest open cave of its kind in the whole of Europe, already captivates visitors from all over the world.

With an impressive entrance portal that is an impressive 11 meters high and 18 meters wide, it gives the impression of a majestic tunnel leading deep into the mountain. This extraordinary place is often referred to as the "Dome of the Rock" and has a rich history that has made it famous far beyond the region.

However, the Balver Höhle is not only a place of the past, but also a lively venue for a variety of events, which can accommodate up to 2,000 people in its spacious interior.

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Top-class artists and events

The Balver Höhle not only hosts concerts by top-class bands such as the 'Fantastischen Vier' or events such as "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", but also the impressive performances of the "Festspiele-Verein Balver Höhle", which simply delight visitors from near and far.

A special highlight is undoubtedly the shooting festival of the Schützenbruderschaft St. Sebastian e.V., which transforms the Balver Höhle into a unique festival venue every year. And then there are the legendary parties that bring the cave to life day and night. Whether rock & pop, prophecy or house - no club can compete with the unique atmosphere and acoustics that party guests can experience in the Balver Höhle. Unforgettable experiences await you here in one of the most spectacular venues in Europe.

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Balver Höhle
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58802 Balve

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