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Mobility in Balve

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Balve offers a wide range of mobility options: practical e-charging stations for electric cars, car-sharing for flexible transportation, e-bike rental for exploring the area, bicycle-friendly restaurants that allow e-bike batteries to be charged, among other things.

Balve's train station, regular bus services, the community bus and cabs make it easier to get around the town, while the 'Mitfahrerbank' project, which stretches from St. Blasius Church to Mellen, strengthens the community and promotes further environmentally friendly mobility.

Mobility in Balve at a glance

  • E-charging stations for cars and e-bikes - find out more
  • CarSharing Balve - find out more
  • E-bike rental -find out more
  • Bicycle-friendly gastronomy welcomes cyclists and allows you to charge your e-bike batteries while you enjoy a bite to eat.
    A list of certified establishments can be found at www.fahrradfreundliche
  • Balve train station - departures, arrivals, replacement services - find out more
  • Bus routes
  • Balve community bus - find out more
  • "Carpooling bench" project from the parish church of St. Blasius to Mellen