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Shopping in Balve

Ein stilisiertes Mammut mit dem Text Visit Balve daneben

Discover the charm of shopping in the Fairtrade town of Balve. A wide variety of retail and specialist stores await you here, offering a broad and well-stocked selection of products. Whether you are looking for unique decorative items, fresh flowers or the latest fashion trends - the small, inviting stores in Balve offer a cozy atmosphere for strolling and lingering.In addition, an exquisite jeweller awaits you with a selection of fine jewelry and watches. The personal advice and excellent service make shopping a special experience.

Food and interesting facts

Comfortable and charming shopping

Mini shops & specials

Farm stores and Regiomats

Local, charming shopping

For lovers of fresh and regional food, Balve offers a variety of culinary delights. The local butchers, bakeries and various farm stores invite you to discover high-quality, fresh produce. Here you can bring the freshness and taste of the region directly to your table.

Balve is also home to charming mini stores that proudly present a selection of unique, home-made decorative items.

The large discount chains are also represented in Balve, rounding off the shopping experience with an extensive range and daily essentials. In Balve you will find everything your heart desires - from everyday groceries to special treasures.

Simple and central

Parking in Balve

Welcome to Balve!

For a stress-free experience, we offer you convenient parking directly in the town area. Choose between the parking lot at Drostenplatz, ideal for a stroll through the town, the parking lot at the train station for rail travelers, or the parking lot at the town hall for visits to our municipal facilities.

Enjoy your stay!

Mammut-Shop - Our symbolic animal for your company

Our Balve mammoth is the friendly symbol of the town - and has been available to buy since 2009! In various corporate colors and decorated with logos, it can already be found throughout the city.

Whether large, small, mini or as a badge - if you are interested in our Balver Mammut, you will find all further information here:

To the Mammut store

Fairtrade town of Balve

Did you know that Balve was the first town in the Märkischer Kreis district to be awarded the title of "Fairtrade Town" in 2014?

Find out more here:

Fairtrade Town Balve