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Balve offers a rich cultural program ranging from music and theater performances to readings and art exhibitions. Throughout the year, visitors can immerse themselves in the town's cultural diversity, whether at classical concerts, modern plays or festivals that bring the community together.

Discover the creative and entertaining events in Balve that offer unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors alike. Be inspired by the vibrant culture of our town.

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International events, major events & festivals

Balve, known for its rich cultural heritage, has established itself as a venue for major events that attract attention far beyond the region's borders. The town is proud to host a number of events that are recognized not only nationally, but also on the global stage.

These events range from top-class music festivals that attract stars and talent from all over the world to internationally acclaimed sporting events that thrill top athletes and fans alike. Balve offers a unique blend of historic ambience and modern venues, making the town an ideal location for events of global significance.

Every year, Balve looks forward to welcoming guests from all over the world and offering them unforgettable experiences. These major events are not only highlights in the city's calendar, but also important contributions to the cultural and economic dynamism of the city.

We invite you to become part of these events in Balve and experience the energy and enthusiasm they bring.

Dark music, great atmosphere

The Prophecy Fest

Prophecy Fest was founded in 2015 by Martin Koller as a live event based on the spirit and bands of the Prophecy Productions label. His stated aim was to offer the friends and community that had developed around the label a festival in the spirit of a "family reunion".

This unique event for dark and innovative music usually took place in the Balver Kulturhöhle in the Hönnetal. One edition took place in the USA. The very first edition in Balve was sold out. Nowadays, over 1000 visitors from around 40 countries come to Balve every year to celebrate the label, the music and the metal scene together.

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The cultural festival at the Luisenhütte

Luise heizt ein

"Luise heizt ein" - that means colorful street theater, artistry and hands-on activities for young and old at the historic blast furnace plant in the Wocklum district of Balve. Fire and water, the production of iron and the use of natural resources are presented in an exciting way and made tangible and understandable. The focus is always on the Luisenhütte itself. With its interactive museum tour, it is the heart of the event and also sets the pace for the artistic events.

"Luise heizt ein" is part of the festival network "FERROMONE - Industry and Culture in South Westphalia" and is funded by the Regional Culture Program of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Variety, flair, enjoyment

The Landpartie Balve

Unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Every year, the Landpartie invites you to discover and purchase beautiful things, stroll between the stalls, enjoy delicious food and indulge in the special flair at the idyllically situated Schloss Wocklum. In addition to fashion, jewelry and decorative items for the home and garden, there is a varied supporting program to discover - all in the atmosphere of the beautiful moated castle of Wocklum.

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