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Fairtrade town of Balve

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Discover the unique flair of Balve, a town that is not only known for its picturesque landscape and historic architecture, but also proudly bears the title of "Fairtrade Town". In Balve, we are passionate about fair trade and sustainable development, and this is reflected in every corner of our community.

As a Fairtrade town, Balve is committed to promoting and using fairly traded products to support social justice and sustainable practices. Our local market offers a wealth of fair trade products, from coffee and tea to crafts and clothing. We invite you to discover the variety of these products and contribute to a fairer world.

Shopping facilities

  • Aldi, Hönnetalstraße 34 - 36
    Coffee, honey, bananas and other products
  • Bäckerei Grote, Hauptstraße 5
  • Bäckerei Tillmann, Hauptstr. 23, 02375/ 91 59 0
    Coffee, espresso
  • Bäckerei Tillmann, 58809 Neuenrade-Affeln
    Coffee, espresso
  • City center office, Alte Gerichtsstraße 1
  • REWE, Hönnetalstraße 29, 02375/ 91 02 23
    Coffee, bananas and roses on some days
  • Kath. Bücherei Garbeck, Märkische Straße 38
    Coffee, chocolate, honey, pos etc.
  • Lidl, Hönnetalstr. 44, 02375 / 20 49 96 0
    Cappuccino, black tea, orange juice, chocolate, jasmine rice,
    raw cane sugar, bananas and cotton bags
  • Markant-Markt Balve, Am Drostenplatz 10, 02375/20 36 89
    Various types of coffee, coffee pods, honey, chocolate, cookies, cane sugar and dried mangoes
  • Rossmann, Hönnetalstraße 31, 05139/ 8980
    Coffee, crema pads, black and green tea, nut nougat cream, double-decker biscuits
  • NETTO, Hönnetalstraße 10