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Funding for ideas

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On this page, we would like to inform you about funding opportunities for your ideas and give you an overview of the wide range of support available to you. Further information can be found in the respective funding programs, whose contact details we have linked for you. If you have any general questions, please contact our city center office - we are always happy to help!

Click here for the pinboard of cultural funding opportunities:

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Support program: LEADERsein!

LEADER comes from the French and stands for: Liaison entre actions de développement de l'économie rurale" - in German: "Liaison between actions for the development of the rural economy". The "Bürgerregion am Sorpesee" with the towns of Arnsberg, Balve, Neuenrade and Sundern is a LEADER region recognized by the EU and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The content of the joint work is based on a regional development strategy, which identifies a total of six key fields of action in which positive impetus for the "Citizens' Region at Lake Sorpe" is to be initiated through projects, e.g. in the areas of services of general interest, mobility and welcoming culture.


The work of the LEADER region is coordinated by the regional management:

LEADERsein! e.V. "Bürgerregion am Sorpesee"
Main street 1+3
58802 Balve
Tel: 02375 - 93 73 633, -634

Do you have a project idea? Please contact the regional management.

You can find project ideas in the LEADER brochure. You can obtain this free of charge from the town center office of the town of Balve.

State service point for committed individuals, initiatives, associations and other civil society organizations

Committed in NRW

The state service center offers a lot of information about funding and has an e-mail advice service, service hotline and free online events.

Click here to go directly to the state service center:

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Heimat.Zukunft.Nordrhein-Westfalen. We promote what connects people.

Promotion of NRW

"Home. Future. North Rhine-Westphalia. We promote what connects people." has been the "Homeland Promotion Program" of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia since 2018. It focuses on the commitment of associations, organizations, initiatives and municipalities to shaping our diverse homeland in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Click here to go directly to the funding program:

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Project grant of € 2,000

Home check

The Heimat-Scheck / project grant of €2,000 is an interesting funding program that is part of the Heimat promotion program. The Heimat-Scheck is the enabler for all those good ideas and small projects that don't actually cost much money, but promise great added value in the cause. Application and proof of use are reduced to a minimum.

All information here:

To the Heimat check

Promotion of local commitment

Heimatpreis of the city of Balve

The town of Balve is once again awarding the "Heimat Prize" this year to honor local commitment and exemplary projects in the area of homeland. Thanks to financial support from the Ministry for Regional Identity, Communities and Local Government, Building and Gender Equality of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, prize money of €5,000 is available.

Projects that are particularly suitable for promoting awareness of the homeland and strengthening identification with the city are eligible to participate. They should also strengthen social cohesion in the city and create incentives to discover, experience and experience the homeland. This means that the projects should help to generate enthusiasm for local and regional specialties.

You will find more information here soon.

Many create more

Crowdfunding by Volksbank in Südwestfalen eG

Volksbank in Südwestfalen eG has been actively offering crowdfunding as an alternative form of project financing since 2015. In addition to the free platform for non-profit associations and institutions, Volksbank supports every association with a 10% start-up financing for the project investment. In addition, every initial donation of 5 euros or more is topped up by 5 euros. As long as the donation pot is full.

All information here:

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