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The Luisenhütte

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The Luisenhütte in Balve-Wocklum is a national monument and a unique experience museum that vividly conveys the history of metallurgical technology in the Ruhr region. The museum shows how iron was produced in the Luisenhütte and processed into cast products.

Visitors can follow the path of the raw materials through the plant, lift wheelbarrows full of iron ore, charcoal and limestone themselves and feel the heat above the furnace opening of the blast furnace. A historical sound film shows the tapping of the pig iron, accompanied by light shows and sound film excerpts. In the iron foundry, the impression of producing smelting furnaces is created.

Interactive and exciting

Museum fun for young and old

In the former Platzknechtswohnung, visitors can watch the film "Feuerstrom des Eisens" and experience an interactive computer simulation of the production steps. Four models compare smelting techniques since the Middle Ages. A small gallery of ancestors tells the story of the von Landsberg-Velen family who ran the mill.

There are special educational offers for children and geocaching opportunities around the Luisenhütte. A visit takes around one to one and a half hours and includes access to the Museum of Prehistory and Early History of the town of Balve in the former bar hammer of the Luisenhütte.

The Luisenhütte is an anchor point on the valley route of the European Route of Industrial Heritage and an attraction of WasserEisenLand.

Contact & Info

Wocklum 10
58802 Balve

Tel.: 02352 9667-7034

Opening hours

May 1 to October 31

Tuesday to Friday:
9:30 am - 5 pm

Saturday, Sunday, public holidays:
11 am to 6 pm



The popular cultural festival

Luise heizt ein

The "Luise heizt ein" cultural festival has been taking place at the Luisenhütte in Balve Wocklum every year since 2006.

The event for the whole family fascinates with different thematic focuses as well as visual and musical highlights.
Whether music, walking acts, comedy or poetry - the diverse festival attracts numerous visitors every year and delights with a varied program.