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Hiking in and around Balve

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The extensive network of hiking trails in Balve is first-class and has something for everyone. It not only offers a variety of routes for different levels of difficulty, but also the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature to the full. Be enchanted by the variety of landscapes and discover the hidden treasures that Balve and its surroundings have to offer. Balve is a paradise for hikers, just waiting to be explored by you.

Sauerland Waldroute

The "Sauerland Waldroute" quality hiking trail, which also runs through Balve, is a real gem. This trail leads hikers not only to the picturesque heights of the Balve Forest, but also past the Luisenhütte, where there is a first-class circular trail, and into the mystical and legendary Hönnetal.

The Hönnetal is famous for its impressive caves and striking rock formations, which offer a unique and fascinating landscape backdrop. On this trail, hikers experience the impressive diversity of nature, accompanied by a touch of mysticism and history.

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Hiking and excursion tips, not just for the adventurous ...

Mysterious paths, magnificent views and babbling brooks, challenging hikes, pleasure tours and easy walks can be found in the hiking booklet "Hiking Experiences Hönnetal" here as a flip catalog.

Tip: Get your free copy of the "Hiking Experiences Hönnetal" hiking booklet by simply ordering the brochure.

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Our tip: Micro adventure - around the Luisenhütte

The micro-adventure around the Luisenhütte is an approximately 9-kilometre circular hiking trail on the Sauerland Waldroute. The hiking trail is close to nature, varied and peppered with numerous sights and historical sites. The starting point is right next to the Luisenhütte at the nature park parking lot in Wocklum.

Off to a micro-adventure

The Luisenhütte is one of the oldest preserved blast furnaces in Europe and offers a great experience as a museum of technology. Right next to the Luisenhütte is the Museum of Prehistory and Early History, which provides information on the development of the earth and mankind with great attention to detail and variety. The hike leads through the valleys of the Borkebach stream, the Orlebach stream (nature reserve) and the Mühlenbach stream.

Along the way you will find the viewing platform in Balve Mellen, which offers a spectacular panoramic view, as well as the riding stadium in Wocklum, where the sporting highlight of the year, the "Longines Balve Optimum" international horse show, takes place.
The tour continues to Schloss Wocklum, which is actually a moated castle and one of the most beautiful and historic places in Balve, and the listed hornbeam avenue from the early 19th century. The largest cultural cave in Europe, the Balver Höhle, is also on the way.

SGV hiking offer

The SGV section Balve e. V. offers various hikes, which everyone is welcome to join.

You can find an overview of the walks here: SGV-Balve e. V. - Hiking schedule:

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Our SGV warden will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Route planning

Further information on route planning with Outdooractive can be found here:

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